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Thank you for attending our Webinar.  As explained in our presentation, the Webinar Special Price of $1,995 includes the 30-Day Live Boot Camp Training (normally $5,000), the PTS Software initial set up fee (normally $1,500), and the first month’s PTS Software subscription payment and Online Live Educational Trade Room (normally $500).  Important Note: During the 30-Day Live Boot Camp Training period, members cannot enter the Live Trade Room until they have completed the first half of the virtual classroom training of the Boot Camp (the Futures portion), which is typically 2 weeks.

Also, as part of our Webinar Special, we have discounted the price for the monthly cost of the PTS Software to $195 per month, which also includes access to our Online Live Educational Trade Room. Normally the PTS Software and Live Trade Room together cost $500 per month. This is a savings of $300 per month.

Finally, to make your decision a little easier, we offer a 30-day 50% money back guarantee. If, within the first 30 days you do not agree that this is the best Futures and Stock Options Trading Course, Software, and Live Trade Room you've ever seen or been involved with, we will refund half your money without question and you will walk away with the best trading education money can buy, and at a fraction of the price you would normally pay anywhere else, saving you thousands of dollars.

We encourage you to take advantage of this Webinar Special Price now, as we are uncertain how long it will be available.

We will present another free Webinar soon and our 30-Day Trading Boot Camp will start shortly thereafter. For complete details, please click on the Contact Tab at the top of our website to go to our Contact Page, and then call or write a member of our Sales Team.

Software / Trade Room

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Before Subscribing: Please click on the following link to obtain, complete, & electronically sign our Enrollment Form at Eversign:

Also, as part of the Enrollment process, please scan or photograph your Driver’s License and email it to:

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