Premier Trading Solutions

Nick T'Souvas

CEO and Co-Founder of Premier Trading Solutions, LLC, graduated from Cal State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. Nick is a successful business owner and highly respected leader, with over 27 years mortgage industry experience. In 2006, Nick launched Premier National Bancorp, a direct wholesale Mortgage Banking Corporation directly connecting himself and his company to the largest secondary market institutions on Wall Street including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Bear Stearns and Citicorp. In January of 2010, Nick obtained One Billion Dollars in private funding and reconstructed Premier National Bancorp entering the Bulk REO Acquisition and Asset Management industry.

Nick started his trading career twenty years ago, and has trained and mentored with some of the top Institutional Traders in the world. His experience includes trading Equities, Futures, Forex, and every Option Strategy imaginable. Nick realizes that in order to become a consistent trader, one needs to learn to trade like an institutional trader, as opposed to trading like a retail trader which is currently being taught by most online trading services. Because Nick has successfully trained hundreds of Traders, Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, and Wholesale Mortgage Banking Reps in his prior businesses, and because of his institutional training, he is confident that he can train his members to become consistent traders.

Jim Carter

President and Co-Founder of Premier Trading Solutions, LLC, graduated from Case Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jim learned about computer programming back in the ‘70's, when computers were the size of small buildings and programs were written on punch cards. Since then, he has been responsible for implementing accounting and business computer systems in several small businesses where he worked, or which he owned. During the past three decades, while Jim was also trading his personal investment accounts, he was constantly searching for ways to use computers to enhance his investment returns. That opportunity was manifested when computerized trading platforms, like NinjaTrader, became available to the public. Over the last several years, Jim has focused his programming studies on Microsoft's C# computer language, which is the language used and required by NinjaTrader. The end result is the creation of cutting-edge software which will be provided to Premier Trading Solutions' members.

Nick & Jim

Nick and Jim met in 2012, when both were asked to help another seasoned trader to develop a trading methodology and software package built around trading stock options. Because of Nick's passion for trading the Futures Market and because Nick had been planning to open his own educational trade room for several years, he realized that Jim could help him develop the necessary software to complement his trading methodology built around the principles of price action, order flow, momentum, and a clearly defined set of rules. Once they both realized how well their abilities complemented each other, Premier Trading Solutions was born. Nick and Jim understand what is broken in the trading education industry and they intend to correct the problem.


UBS Securities,
aka The Union Bank of Switzerland
The Largest Trading Floor in the World

UBS Securities, aka The Union Bank of Switzerland

UBS' 103,000-square-foot trading floor in Stamford.

Goldman Sachs Trading Floor

Goldman Sachs Trade Floor
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