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Premier Trading Solutions is the premier online educational training service. We specialize in teaching our clients how to consistently trade the Commodity Futures markets with a main concentration on the NQ, ES, YM, and the RTY. We also train traders how to trade directional and non-directional Stock Options.  Our Moto is "No Trader Left Behind."  Every morning, you will train virtually alongside of us in our live interactive Training Trade Room, as we hold your hand and teach you how to apply our trading methodology, while learning how to properly enter and exit trades, set profit targets, and apply proper protective stops; all with laser pin point precision.

Our Methodology

Our trading methodology is a rule-based trading system focused primarily on Price Action, Order Flow, Momentum, Market Structure, and proper Money Management. Our training, combined with our proprietary cutting-edge software based on leading indicators, is the key to helping you become a consistent trader. We understand what's broken in the educational trading industry; traders are not being properly trained, and we’re making it our mission to correct that deficiency. We have been trained by some of the top Institutional Traders in the world and we are here to help you.

Our Goal

Our goal is to train you to become a consistent trader by providing you with the proper rule-based trading methodology and software.  It is important for us to make sure that you are properly trained and educated, and that all of our traders are on the same page when entering and exiting trades, while applying proper money management rules; hence our Moto, "No Trader Left Behind".  After you complete your initial training, we will help you to acquire additional trading capital (if needed) through one of our affiliated funding partners (please click on the “Get Funded” tab above to see the requirements to get your trading account funded).  We look forward to training and educating you.

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